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Cute Koala

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A gift that will surprise and stay in memory. Each puzzle is packed in a premium gift box.

Each puzzle piece has its own unique shape.This is a high complexity of assembly (200 unique shape puzzles similar to 1000 usual cardboard puzzles in complexity)

This is not just a puzzle, it is a wooden puzzle. It will be a great gift for both a child and an adult. 

Koalas spend most of their time in trees and spend almost their entire lives in eucalyptus trees. Much of his time during the day is spent sleeping, and less than 10% of his time is spent searching for food, while the other time is mainly spent sitting. Koalas almost never drink water. They feed on eucalyptus leaves, they can eat many eucalyptus leaves every day, and they digest well. Distributed in Australia

All parts are cut from birch playwood so you can feel the woody aroma

S - 18x19.6 cm (7x8")— 102 PCS

M - 26x28.3 cm (10.2x11")— 215 PCS

King Size - 41.4x38 cm(16.2×15")— 327 PCS

🌳 FUN FOR ALL AGES - Let your kids train their problem solving and thinking skills with this wooden puzzle, or use it as a way to relieve stress after a long day at work. It's great for the whole family!

What is the distinctive feature of these puzzles?

All parts are cut from birch plywood, 4 mm thick.
As soon as the box opens, you will feel the woody aroma.
To create all these graceful figures, we used a high-precision laser.

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