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The work is 3D printed but not entirely ; it’s a hybrid involving steel, quartz, copper, iron, slate, resin and of course, 30 micron layers of 3D printed Objet VeroClear material. 

A hybrid of traditional sculptural techniques and state-of-the-art digital modeling and 3D printing, she has been built with the aim of inspiring other traditional artists to adapt and embrace new technology in their work, rather than to fear it; to create objects of beauty and awe that until now were impossible to build in the real world, and to continue to learn and develop, remaining as fluid as the constantly changing world in which we live. 

it’s a hybrid of traditional and advanced making technologies. The 3D printed part is the very numerous wing feathers, which are coated with a beautiful copper veneer patina. Interestingly, the unique “nicks” in the feathers were not 3D modeled; they were simply added manually after the 3D print. 


Overall length: 30cm / 11.8inch

Thickness: 2cm / 0.8inch

The height of the upper half: 20cm / 7.9inch

Foot size: 5 * 5cm / 2 * 2Inch

Wings Size: 16 * 9cm / 6.3 * 3.5inch (single side)

The work is quite large, being life size. It’s composed of two pieces, the lower of which is the pair of feet 

But what does the work signify?

It’s a minimalist form showing both the fragility of the female form – but also the strength for a first flight. In a way, this symbolizes 3D printing today; It’s on the precipice, ready to leap into the future. 

The product consists of four parts: a human body, wings, a horizontal seat and a pair of feet.

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