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Witty lynx

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Each puzzle piece has its own unique shape.This is a high complexity of assembly (200 unique shape puzzles similar to 1000 usual cardboard puzzles in complexity)

An exciting game is suitable for school children and adults.

King Size  - 35x28 cm (13.7x11 in) - 198 pcs

Size M - 28x22.1 cm (11x8.7 in) - 134 pcs

Size S - 22x17 cm (8x7 in) - 98 pcs 

🌳 FUN FOR ALL AGES - Let your kids train their problem solving and thinking skills with this wooden puzzle, or use it as a way to relieve stress after a long day at work. It's great for the whole family!

This is not just a puzzle, it is a wooden puzzle. It will be a great gift for both a child and an adult. 

Lynx is a unique cat in the cold regions of the northern temperate zone. Lynx is a wild animal that lives alone in a vast space and is a nocturnal hunter without a fixed nest. During the day, it can lie on the rocks and bask in the sun, or hide quietly under the big trees to avoid wind and rain. It can live alone for several days in an area of several hectares, or it can run continuously for more than ten kilometers without stopping. At night, when the forest is silent and the birds living on the trees have fallen asleep, the bobcat will stretch out its claws to hunt for food handily.

What is the distinctive feature of these puzzles?

  • All parts are cut from birch plywood, 4 mm thick.
  • As soon as the box opens, you will feel the woody aroma.
  • To create all these graceful figures, we used a high-precision laser.


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